Disaster Planning & Response

Long-term care of any collection or historic property requires careful disaster planning and, when the unthinkable happens, a clear and focused response. As a native of Miami and a 20-year resident of Los Angeles, RLA principal Rosa Lowinger has considerable personal experience with disaster planning and management.  At RLA we have made it a point to emphasize disaster planning and pest control with our clients.  When we work on post-earthquake, hurricane, wind, flood, and fire recovery, our aim is always to salvage original material in as timely a manner as possible, and at the same time determine what lessons for future readiness can be learned from the event in question.   When disaster strikes RLA has the resources to mobilize a comprehensive team that includes conservators of objects, sculpture, decorative arts, architectural features, garden statuary, paintings, murals, paper, photographs, and textiles so that we can provide immediate assessment and stabilization services for the purpose of triage and insurance claims. Our in-house data management team is able to track all aspects of the rehabilitation process carried out by the conservators. We provide recommendations on storage, shipping, and crating, as well as on conservation and treatment.  We also offer services to develop and manage a personalized Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to create the best environment for the storage and travel of pieces.  Our extensive experience working with the nation’s most respected insurance companies in post-disaster scenarios allows us to work efficiently and effectively so that all claims are resolved in an expeditious manner.

Partial list of disasters in which RLA staff have participated in recovery.  For project specifics please contact us directly:


Natural Disasters

1992 Hurricane Iniki- Kaua’i, Hawaii

1992 Hurricane Andrew- Miami, FL

1994 Northridge Earthquake Los Angeles, CA

2003 Trancas Canyon, Malibu, CA Brush Fire

2005 Hurricane Wilma- Miami, FL

2005 Hurricane Katrina- Gulf Coast, Mississippi

2010 Topanga Canyon Los Angeles, CA Brush Fire

2010 Haiti Earthquake Port-au-Prince, Haiti

2011 San Marino and Pasadena, CA- Santa Ana Wind damage



2010 Morse Museum of Art

2011 Private Collection Baton Rouge, LA

1988 First Interstate Bank Tower Fire

2006 Private Collection- Los Angeles, CA