Large-scale Sculpture, Monuments & Public Art Collections

Large scale sculpture, monuments, and public works of art require a broad vision and collaborative approach to their care and conservation.  Rosa Lowinger began working in this specialty in 1991, when she co-directed the City of Los Angeles’ first pilot conservation survey for public art at McArthur and Lincoln Parks.  Since then, she has handled the conservation programs for an extraordinary number of municipalities, museums, universities, cemeteries, transit authorities, and private collections.  As firm believers in preventive conservation and maintenance as a means of reducing the need for large-scale costly conservation, RLA conservators work hand in hand with artists and public art agencies to carry out pre-fabrication conservation review of new commissions. These reviews examine issues of installation, material usage and siting as a means of insuring that artists receive proper information from their fabricators and materials manufacturers, and that the clients who commission such work have a sound notion of what works will take to maintain over the long term. As the 2008-2009 Rome Prize Fellow in Conservation at the American Academy in Rome, Rosa spent a year studying the history of vandalism against public art as a means of designing programs for its mitigation. She was also featured in a recent Getty Conservation Institute film publication on conservation of outdoor painted sculpture.

The following are some of the services we carry out for large-scale sculpture, fountain, garden sculpture, cemetery mausoleums and sculpture, and public art clients:

  • Assessments and surveys of existing collections.
  • Conservation treatment for problems including but not limited to erosion, corrosion, deterioration of patinas, breakage, loss, mineral deposits, fungal growth, surface crumbling and paint damage.
  • Regular repainting of modern and contemporary outdoor sculpture.
  • Design and implementation of maintenance programs.
  • Design of safe mounts for works in hurricane and seismic zones.
  • Pre-construction review of proposed new commissions with diagnosis of problems and design of remedies for condition issues.
  • Conservation of mosaics and relief murals.
  • Preparation of bases and mounts for sculpture.
  • Design and retrofit of water systems for fountains.
  • Bilingual training of maintenance staff in long-term maintenance of collections.
  • Detailed cost estimates for all the aforementioned services and grant preparation.

RLA’s public sculpture clients presently include the following agencies:

Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority
Hawaii State Foundation for Culture and the Arts
City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department
Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency
Long Beach Arts Council
California Parks Association
Broad Art Foundation
The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Gardens
Palm Springs Art Museum
General Services Administration
Chinati Foundation
Contemporary Museum of Hawaii
Lowe Art Museum at University of Miami
Sculpture Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
Frost Art Museum, Florida International University
Museum of Contemporary Art -North Miami
Miami Art Museum
Metropolitan Dade County Art in Public Places
Palm Beach County Cultural Council
City of Santa Monica
City of Miami Beach
City of Coral Gables
City of West Hollywood, CA
Elwood and Associates, Public Art Consultants
City of Santa Fe Springs, CA
City of Honolulu, HI
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami, FL
City of West Covina, CA
Bank of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI